Heart + Soil


founder: Katie Ryan
course: Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation
Graduation year: 2019
location: USA
Hero product: Mighty Myco Eye Serum or Gentle Gentle Herbal Cleanser

Brand overview

The story of Heart + Soil began in 2015 at a natural grocery store in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Tom, a regular customer, had an upcoming art show in the area and decided to invite Katie who worked in the store’s apothecary. Sometimes when the right elements combine it leads to something unique and wonderful, and such was the case with Tom and Katie.

The couple shared a mutual respect and appreciation for nature, and Katie’s interest in herbalism would soon set them on a path to starting their own company. Having studied  herbalism, Katie began developing her own balms and creams. Determined to refine and perfect her methods, Katie enrolled in courses at Formula Botanica to master the craft of formulation.

Within a year of finishing her courses, Katie had created a complete line of skincare products derived from meticulously selected natural ingredients. Heart + Soil was born. Soon, Tom was helping her develop packaging design and handling the fledgling company’s product photography and marketing. In 2018, the Heart + Soil skincare line began appearing on the shelves of several area organic markets, including the one where Tom and Katie first met.


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